Sunset Slush of the Lowcountry - Charleston, SC 

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Have a Taste of Our Satisfying Italian Ice

Satisfy your craving for water ice at Sunset Slush of Lowcountry in Charleston, South Carolina. Take your pick from our extensive selection of delightful and satisfying frozen desserts. No matter what your favorite water ice flavor may be, you can trust us to serve you with satisfying frozen treats made from fresh ingredients.

“Today’s flavors: Larry has fallen for Crybaby, oh so sour!!! I got mango/green apple, yum!”

- Jeanne Houser

“Best money spent! The variety of flavors and combinations ensure that there is something there for everyone! I tend to stick to my favorite, “The Donald,” but get adventurous sometimes with other flavors! Seeing that yellow umbrella on the beach has my kids cheering every day on vacation! If they, and us, are extra good we sometimes even go after dinner!”

- Angelique Klayko Griffin

“Megan takes on a -32° FREEZER on next month’s “Being Brunswick” presented”


“First Sunset Slush of the season!!! Soooooo delicious!!”

- Andrea Marie